Class of ’88 Celebrates 25 Years

The Class of ‘88 celebrated 25 years out of high school this past Saturday sharing many memories over drinks and delicious Cranky Pat’s Pizza at The Gutter Bowl & Bar located on Lineville Road.

With over fifty classmates present along with spouses and some bowl happy kids, the event was a major success featuring a highlight reel of “Raiders Past Lives” on the movie theatre size screen in the bar.

A retro table covered in past 80’s memories allowed the making of a gift bag with old school candy & 80’s music & movie pins. A rocking D.J blasted all the best 80’s hits for classmates to dance and sing along with.

“Catching up with everyone and hearing about the direction that life has taken them along with the sharing of memories past made for an interesting and good time,” said class member Kim (O’Brien) Quigley. She further added, “You know a fun time was had by all when everyone was saying we should get together yearly”!